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Student – David Nebel

David Nebel

David’s Biography:

I’ve always wanted to fly, I love being up high and looking down. Powered paragliding sounded like the perfect way to satisfy this desire, and it is certainly true! I first researched the idea of PPG in 2012, saved up, and then called Bill in June of 2014 to explore my options. Bill is very fair and considerate, he made sure I knew what I was getting into straightaway with all the risks, rewards, and costs involved. He got me started kiting and learning how to ground handle on one of his old wings, perfect for practice. After about 2 months of individual practice at home, weekend sessions of instruction with Bill, and procuring some equipment of my own, I took my first solo flight! Such a surreal and exhilarating feeling. I was hooked. Subsequent flights were carefully monitored and guided by Bill on the intercom, making sure I continued to progress and grow my in-flight skills and confidence. Once we both felt comfortable with my capabilities, I struck out on my own with the freedom to fly with others and explore my new airborne world.

My success came after a great deal of practice and dedication, but would have never arrived without the knowledge and instruction that Bill provided. I know Bill will always be there to answer my questions and provide good advice, which is important because I’ve just begun a lifelong journey of learning and fun flying!

David Nebel
Fond du Lac, WI

Check out some of David’s videos on his You Tube Channel!

Highlights From David Nebel’s Powered Paragliding 2014!